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Making Paperwork Easy

Making Paperwork Easy

Are you drowning in paperwork? Don’t worry our team at Cogs Accountancy Services, we have a dedicated team of people in charge of collecting and maintaining your paperwork in the form of the records team.

The records team is in constant contact to help remind you to get your paperwork to us by the correct dates enabling us to process your work as soon as possible, we can also help determine what it is we need and how we need it.

Drowning in paperwork
Benefits to you and your business

Our records team aim to make life as easy as possible for you as a client. We all know that keeping records all together isn’t easy and so we, with your help, try to keep them nice and tidy for both yourself and our benefit. This allows us to sort the paperwork and return it to you in the manner we maintain it.

We process all of your receipts and invoices through the Xero booking system allowing us to keep fully up to date with your position at all times, so whether you want to know your VAT position or simply keep an eye on your expenses we can show you how.



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