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Our Top 5 Tips for Tidy Paperwork

Our Top 5 Tips for Tidy Paperwork

1.    Designate paperwork storage and keep it tidy – everyone does it, you open up that bill and it gets chucked on your desk or left out which later gets covered, swept aside or worse chucked away. Get yourself a designated area in your workspace for your paperwork and make sure that is where it stays.

2.    Get it sorted – how you order or sort your paperwork is entirely up to you but start with some vague categories and make sure they are kept in separate folders / wallets or sections. For example keep your purchase invoices separate from your sales invoices, bank and HMRC correspondence. Further still why not sort these by paid / unpaid, by month or by supplier. Once started it is easy to maintain.

3.    When is enough, enough? – Obviously you can’t keep everything you ever receive so keep the relevant items to hand and the older stuff needs to be archived for up to 6 years. If we receive your paperwork then once processed it will already be sorted anyway and in folders and in a neat bag. These records bags can simply be put out back somewhere or in a cupboard available should you ever need them. This will stop your paperwork area being overwhelmed or drowned.

4.    You don’t have to be a techno-phobe – If you are particularly keen on as little paperwork as possible why not scan the invoices and other items and store them on your PC / Dropbox or iCloud. This limits the space you require physically and these items can then be archived. Remember we don’t have to receive your items physically it would be too easy to send us your already saved PDF files, as with all technological ventures make sure you backup your data regularly to avoid any problems.

5.    Don’t delay what you can do today – Once you have some sort of order to your storage and filing then as the work comes in, we deal with it at your earliest convenience. This will allow you to worry less and be comfortable with the fact that once you have had something in it has been dealt with accordingly. There is nothing worse than misplacing post or having piles and piles or paperwork to process at the end of the week!



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