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What does a bookkeeper do?

What does a bookkeeper do?

A bookkeeper maintains the financial records of a business.

The good news is we can make this easy.

Traditionally this meant processing and filing receipts and invoices,  keeping manual ledgers and cross checking the information entered against bank accounts and other documents

This process has evolved with technology and we are now firmly in the era of the online bookkeeping system. Here at our Windsor Accountants office for Cogs Accountancy Services we have been using cloud technology for years.  We are top ranking partners with Xero and well on the way to the same with Quickbooks. We have established that these are the best two ready to use online systems currently available, to be using anything else is currently just a second rate product by comparison.

One of the great things about online systems is that we can collaborate with our clients so much easier.  Data can be much more up to date which gives more insight into the business, tax liabilities, cash flow and much more.

Our Bookkeepers and Accountants work closely together with you, or indeed your own Bookkeeper so that books are as accurate and processes efficient without the need for duplicate work.

Our services range from simply checking the bookkeeping you do yourself, through providing support and collaborating as well as full bookkeeping services. We offer these full bookkeeping services for those that want to provide us the raw information and let us complete the task for them. Bookkeepers often deal with VAT, PAYE and other compliance tax matters and here at Cogs Accountancy Windsor we can help with that too!

One of the key things with keeping your books and records straight is setting out the procedure. We truly believe that well thought out bookkeeping systems and processes will always help you as a business owner. We have well established ways to refine this process so that it is as simple as possible going forward enabling you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.  We deal with everything onsite, we don’t farm work out to overseas and we take great pride in what we do.

If you have any questions please call or come visit us at our Windsor Accounting office.

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