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What does an accountant do?

What does an accountant do?

A question we have heard a lot!

An Accountant prepares financial documents.  Accountancy businesses also commonly deal with taxes, business advice and sometimes bookkeeping and sometimes more niche work.  To list out everything here would lead to a long a boring post so let’s cut to it.

At Cogs we concentrate on two main principles for our business customers. Often they go hand in hand and lead ultimately to getting the best possible position for our clients.

  1. Making sure that businesses are fully compliant with the best tax position possible which often comes down to some straight forward planning and setup
  2. Ensuring that we can work together so that any time we can easily see the position of the business.  This may be for management purposes, it could be looking towards financing or it could even be for peace of mind.

Once these are are considered there is much we can do.  This forms the stable foundation and often as part of getting these key items correct we fix a whole host of other issues along the way.

Most Accountants offer very similar services.  At Cogs, Windsor Accountants we think that we are able to deliver these service better than others.  We always strive for a complete best position for our clients and ultimately the key point is that we care about you and your business.  Cogs is truly modern and efficient, we deal with everything onsite at our WIndsor Accountants office with nothing being sent away, abroad or farmed otherwise.

Having had exposure to many businesses in the life of Cogs, in its 15th year of trading later this year, we have a deep knowledge of all aspects of small business. Our staff have worked and trained on so many different cases they will certainly be able to identify with you.  Business advice and planning then becomes second nature with the core financials and principles already in place.

Your figures should be up to date for compliance, management and planning and Cogs can help you do that with time and money to spare!

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